Pulling in content for basic one page site w/ multiple sections: best method?

I am developping a basic wedding site for a friend. It's a one-pager with one <header> and 4 <section>.

Header is as this:

            <img src="./assets/img/banner2.jpg" class="banner-img">
            <div class="logo">
                <h1>Tiphaine & Pierre</h1>
                <h2 class="date">July 4, 2015</h2>

So I have to pull in 3 pieces of content: an image, a title and a date.

What is the best practice?

  1. to create 3 global variables, like {{ banner_image }}, {{ bride_groom }} and {{ wedding_date }}?
  2. in _content, to create a folder named 1.banner that includes a page.md, this page including those 3 fields?

If page.md is the right thing to do, do I have to pull the content with {{ get_content }} or with {{ pages:listing }}? what is the real difference between those 2 tags?

Thanks for your time in helping me.

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