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Hey everyone,

We use Statamic for a company blog and have multiple employees which are blogging. I have created a User for each employee and will created an Author field on each blog post to link back to the user.

What I would also like to do is have a page where I can list all of the employees (i.e. Users) and when you click on the User I would like to go to a page for that specific user which lists their Bio, social media accounts and then also gives a list of all the blog posts they have written.

My idea was to extend each user with extra field in the .yaml file with their social media links and then add their Bio as the content part, or as another YAML field (if thats the best way to do it).

My problem is I do not really know how to go about writing the user listing page and then the individual user pages. Is there a sample online somewhere of how to do this?

Thanks Jerrie

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