By Classy Llama

Statamic v2 addon for configuring rev-manifest.json name/location. Ideal when using Blendid

Blendid is super fast at compiling ES6 and SASS. It's also super easy to set up. However, Blendid's default location for outputting it's rev-manifest.json is not compatible with Statamic's theme tag. Statamic looks for a rev-manifest.json in /site/themes/[mytheme]/build/ where our Blendid setup puts the rev-manifest in the theme folder.

It's configurable

This Statamic addon allows you to configure the filepath (relative the the statamic theme) and the filename of your generated rev-manifest.json. So, in theory, this can be used without needing to use Blendid at all—if you just need to edit the name and/or location of your manifest file.

Defaults made for Blendid

The default settings are set for Blendid, so that's why it's a "Blendid theme" addon. But you're more than welcome to use it for any setup you need to configure a manifest file location/name!

How to install

  1. Download the source
  2. Rename the folder you downloaded BlendidTheme
  3. Add it to your Statamic addon directory at /site/addons/
  4. Update addons by running php please update:addons
  5. Done!

How to use

{{ blendid_theme }} has all the exact same functionality as Statamic's {{ theme }} tag, except it will use the settings you set in Control Panel > Addons > Blendid Theme > Settings to look for a manifest file when you use the version param like this: <script src="{{ blendid_theme:js version="true" }}"></script>.

Check out how we set up Blendid for a Statamic project.


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).