Buffer Docs

Take control of your entire Buffer workflow from your Statamic Control Panel.


Unzip and place the Buffer directory in your site/addons directory. Then run php please update:addons.


  1. Login to Buffer and get your Profile ID, this will be the code in between the parts in the URL. https://buffer.com/app/profile/{YOUR PROFILE ID}/buffer/queue/list. Keep hold of this.
  2. Create a Buffer app, you can name it whatever you want.
  3. Once you've saved your new Buffer app, keep hold of the Access Token.
  4. Login to your Control Panel, go to the Addons page and click on Buffer.
  5. Add your settings (Site URL, Profile ID and Access Token).
  6. Now you can go to the 'Buffer' page on the menu and you will see all of your Pending Updates.


This addon has two widgets that you can add to your Statamic dashboard. One widget for Pending updates and one for Sent Updates.

Adding a widget

There are two ways of adding widgets in Statamic. You can do it through the Control Panel or in your code editor. I'm going to cover it using the Control Panel.

  1. Go to the Settings area of the Control Panel Configure > Settings > Control Panel.
  2. Inside the Settings area, go to the Control Panel page.
  3. At the bottom of the page, add a Buffer widget like this:
    type: buffer.pending

If you want to use the widget for Sent Updates, you can do buffer.sent


I'm happy to provide support via email or through the Statamic Discord.