Cache Manager

By Rudy Affandi

Cache Manager Widget for Statamic V2.x
by Rudy Affandi (2016)

screen shot 2016-04-11 at 2 10 17 pm

What is this?

CacheManager is a Statamic V2.x dashboard widget that allows you to clear your cache/stache directly from the control panel. This is equivalent to the php please cache:clear command.


Copy CacheManager to your site/addons folder. Open your control panel, go to the Settings / Control Panel and add the following:

  type: CacheManager
  width: 33

Save it and visit your Dashboard.

Road map

  • Add static cache, Pagespeed, Opcache, APC Cache clearing method
  • Add other features (metrics, time stamp, etc)


Please use the github issue to report bugs.

I like this, how can I contribute?

Feel free to fork this repo and send me a Pull Request.