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Instagram Feed

📸 Easily embed photos from a public instagram feed 📸

This addon adds a fieldtype which gets images from public instagram profiles.

For example:

{{ instagram_feed limit="3" }}
    <img src="{{ image }}">
{{ /instagram_feed }}


  1. Copy the addons/InstagramFeed directory to your project's site/addons folder.
  2. Run php please update:addons
  3. Enter your Instagram username in the control panel, or by creating a file at site/settings/addons/instagram_feed.yaml with the following:
username: 'your-instagram-username'

Note that your profile must be public for this to work.


After configuring your Instagram username, simply use the {{ instagram_feed }} tag like so:

{{ instagram_feed }}
    <img src="{{ image }}">
{{ /instagram_feed }}

You may also use the limit parameter to restrict the number of recent posts

Post Fields

Each post in the feed contains a number of fields for you to use.

Field Description
id The post's Instagram ID
image The URL of the image
caption The caption of the post
thumb The URL for the post's thumbnail
date The date it was posted
comments The total number of comments on the post
likes The total number of likes on the post
height The image's height
width The image's width

Available Parameters

Currently only one option is supported, limit

Option Default Value Description
limit 12 The number of recent posts to pull


This addon requires Statamic 2 and should work with any variant of it.


Have a feature request or a problem with the addon? I'd be happy to help! Just send an email to [email protected] with the subject Statamic Instagram Help and I will get back to you as soon as I can. :)

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Released October 28, 2019
Updated 1 month ago
Version v1.0.1
Downloads 3
Requires Statamic 2

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