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Login Notify for Statamic 3

Statamic Login Notify is a middleware addon for Statamic 3 that sends email notifications when a user logs into a new device.


Statamic Login Notify is commercial software. You do not need a licence for development but when you are ready to deploy the site to production please purchase a licence per site on the Statamic Marketplace.


Install the addon using composer

composer require kind-work/login-notify

Copy over the assets

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="KindWork\LoginNotify\ServiceProvider" --force

Location Map

If you would like to send a map showing the location of the login in the email you will need to provide a valid key for the Google Maps Static API. I recommend you restrict this by IP address(es) to the IP(s) used by your servers.

Once you obtain this key add it to your environment variable: GOOGLE_MAPS_KEY

Location Lookup

Location lookup is done using the Laravel Location package. Refer to the documentation for this package to customize the location lookups.

Fieldtype (forget sessions)

If you would like to give users the ability to forget browsers where they have previously logged in you can add the Login Notify field type to the user blueprint with the key login_notify_valid_cookies.

title: User
    display: Main
        handle: name
          type: text
          display: Name
        handle: email
          type: text
          input: email
          display: 'Email Address'
        handle: roles
          type: user_roles
          width: 50
        handle: groups
          type: user_groups
          width: 50
        handle: avatar
          type: assets
          max_files: 1
        handle: login_notify_valid_cookies
          type: login_notify
          localizable: false
          display: 'Remembered Browsers'

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Released December 29, 2019
Updated 5 months ago
Version v1.0.0-beta.2
Downloads 87
Requires Statamic 3

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