ResponsiveImg Docs

Never think about creating responsive images again.


  1. Simply copy the ResponsiveImg folder into site/addons/
  2. Ensure you are Serving Cached Images Directly
  3. That's it!


ResponsiveImg makes use of Statamic's shorthand tag syntax:

{{ responsive_img:[image_name] }}

Add additional attributes by using the attr option:

{{ responsive_img:[image_name] attr="id:my-id|class:some-class|alt:Lorem Ipsum" }}

To lazy-load images using JS, add the data-attr option:

{{ responsive_img:[image_name] data-attr="true" }}

Loop over an array of images using the assets tag:

{{ assets:gallery }}
  {{ responsive_img:id attr="class:image-{ index }|alt:{ alt }" }}
{{ /assets:gallery }}


Name Type Default Description
quality Integer 75 Defines the quality of the image (see Glide parameters).
attr String Add additional HTML attributes to the <img> tag, specify multiple attributes by pipe delimiting them.
data-attr Boolean false Change src & srcset into data-attributes (for lazy-loading using your own JS).