Sally Docs

Sally helps you fake that content your client didn’t deliver to you.


Sally uses the excellent 'Faker PHP library' to help you fake whatever needs faking.


Sally provides you with a lot of very specific tags to fake things with, like {{ sally:name }} or {{ sally:email }}. Some of those tags have parameters, like {{ sally:paragraph nbSentences="3" }} or maybe even {{ sally:imageUrl width="800" height="600" category="cats" }}.

Array parameters are allowed with the following notation {{ sally:randomElement array="['a','b','c']" }}. DateTime objects are converted to Carbon instances for easy use in your Antler templates {{ sally:dateTimeThisMonth timezone="Europe/Amsterdam" }}

For a full list of of available tags, please see Faker's 'list of formatters' and 'language specific formatters'.


Sally automatically loads Statamic's current locale, but if you're looking for something a little more specific, just add a locale parameter:

{{ sally:firstName gender="female" locale="fr_FR" }} // Louise