User Agent

By Rudy Affandi

Requirement: Statamic 2.x

What is this?

Useragent returns various information from your browser, such as: - Browser name (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, etc) - Version - Language settings - Platform (OS X, Windows, Linux, etc)

It is also an awesome device detector. {{ useragent:is_mobile }} will return true if visiting browser is a mobile device.


  • Copy Useragent folder to your site/addons folder
  • Log on to your control panel, visit /cp/system/addons, make sure that Useragent is listed
  • Click on the Refresh button on the top right of your browser to initialize new addon
  • Alternatively, go to your terminal, cd to your website root and type php please addon:refresh and hit Enter.

Available options & usage examples

Browser: {{ useragent:browser slugify="false" }}<br />
Languages: {{ useragent:languages slugify="false" }}<br />
Device: {{ useragent:device slugify="false" }}<br />
Platform: {{ useragent:platform slugify="false" }}<br />
Is Mobile?: {{ useragent:is_mobile }}<br />
Is Tablet?: {{ useragent:is_tablet }}<br />
Is Desktop?: {{ useragent:is_desktop }}<br />
Is Robot?: {{ useragent:is_robot }}<br />
Robot Name: {{ useragent:robot_name slugify="false" }}<br />


This addon can be used with other addon. Just use the following code example:

if (addon('Useragent')) {
    $browser     = $this->api('Useragent')->getUA();
    $browser_ver = $browser['browser'] . ' ' . $browser['browser_version'];