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The flat file CMS built for developers and clients alike.

Matt Stauffer
“Statamic actually works the same way we think. It's a perfect pairing of usability and great developer experience.”
Matt Stauffer, Tighten Co.
“We couldn't do it without Statamic.”
Philip Zaengle
“Our clients love how easy it is to publish content, while our developers love its flexibility & foundation on Laravel/Vue.js.”
Philip Zaengle, Zaengle Corp

Statamic 2 Now more powerful than ever

Statamic 2 is now built on Laravel and sporting a brand new Vue.js-powered control panel. As a developer you can build, configure, and manage everything right in your code editor. As a client or content manager you never have to leave the control panel. It's all up to you.

It's a platform designed to make you the hero of the story.

The Control Panel

You don't always need all the features But when you do, they're ready for you.

Statamic is hardly limited to blogging. You can use the features and Content Types to build just about any kind of site you can imagine, and still hand it over to a client without any technical knowledge. It's quite possibly the best of both worlds. Like Jekyll + Wordpress, on Laravel.

See how you can do it too!

Drop and Drop Pages

Drag & Drop Page Reordering

Reordering your pages and site navigation doesn’t get much easier. Drag a page. Drop the page. Drag some more pages. Drop those ones too. Save that new order. It sounds easy because we made it that way, just for you.

Multi-lingual at heart

Add any number of locales, mark fields as translatable, and you’re off and running. Each locale can extend or fall back to the default language giving you all the control you need. It’s pretty neat.

Drop and Drop Pages

Asset Manager

Create Asset Collections, upload anything you’d like (within reason), and use that library anywhere in your content. Your assets can even have their own content fields, letting you reuse captions, meta tags, or anything you want, anywhere you want.

We'll save you the scrolling here — there's a whole page full of features.

Explore Those Features

You're probably a human So you understand the value of community

Features and documentation can only ever get you so far in life, and in love. We are blessed with a merry and effervescent community of humans who love Statamic for some reason or another. In but a moment’s notice you can find answers, share ideas, make new friends, and get feedback in the form of animated gifs and emojis. It's nice.

Inquisitive Minds Need a little bit more detail?

There comes a point when scrolling long pages of vague promises isn’t enough. If you’re at that point, and you very likely are because this is the bottom of the page, we have your next steps in the form of three little boxes with icons to help you determine if Statamic is right for you.

There is no perfect tool for every job. Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.