Version Control Everything.
Yes, even your content.

A true CMS designed to make agencies profitable, developers happy, and clients hug you.

Matt Stauffer
“Statamic actually works the same way we think. It's a perfect pairing of usability and great developer experience.”
Matt Stauffer, Tighten Co.
“We couldn't do it without Statamic.”
Philip Zaengle
“Our clients love how easy it is to publish content, while our developers love its flexibility & foundation on Laravel/Vue.js.”
Philip Zaengle, Zaengle Corp

Learn How Statamic makes teams more productive.

Every little change — from content to config, users to templates, and everything in between — can be version controlled, allowing you to build quickly, staying in-sync with live sites, other developers, and client changes. Design a process that supercharges your team's productivity and adds directly to your bottom-line.

Your other CMS can't do that.

The Control Panel

Don't cobble your site together with plugins The features you need are already built in.

Statamic is not limited to blogging or static pages. Statamic is armed with powerful content types, routes, a flexible template language, and asset management system that can adapt to any site you can imagine, complete with a customizable control panel that puts a smile on any content manager's face.

We believe you should pay for the features, not for fixes.

Drop and Drop Pages

Drag & Drop Page Reordering

Reordering your pages and site navigation doesn’t get much easier. Drag a page. Drop the page. Drag some more pages. Drop those ones too. Save that new order. It sounds easy because we made it that way, just for you.

Multi-lingual at heart

Add any number of locales, mark fields as translatable, and you’re off and running. Each locale can extend or fall back to the default language giving you all the control you need. It’s pretty neat.

Drop and Drop Pages

Asset Manager

Create Asset Collections, upload anything you’d like (within reason), and use that library anywhere in your content. Your assets can even have their own content fields, letting you reuse captions, meta tags, or anything you want, anywhere you want.

We'll spare you a lot of scrolling, there is a whole page dedicated to features.

Explore Statamic's Features

And now for our secret weapon Our community gives you an unfair advantage.

We are blessed with a genuinely helpful and kind-hearted community willing to help find answers, collaborate on ideas, and provide the feedback you need, when you need it.

We also provide direct support, giving you a life-line to the team who build Statamic.

We're here to put you and your team first.

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