Statamic Roadmap

Here's a good view of what we're focused on now, next, and little bit after that.
(Last updated May 9th, 2023)

In Progress

Addons & Starter Kits

  1. Several New Free Kits
  2. Legacy Color Fieldtype Addon

Statamic 4.0.x

  1. Code hardening and bug fixes
  2. Redesigned default blank site


  1. Marketplace UX Improvements
  2. New Marketing/Landing Pages

Next Up

Addons & Starter Kits

  1. Pro Forms
  2. Redactor X Fieldtype

>= Statamic 4.x

  1. Multi-Site Permissions
  2. Translatable Blueprint labels and instructions
  3. Conditions on Fieldset Imports


  1. Improved Partner Profiles
  2. New Homepage
  3. Self-Signup Premium Support
  4. Auto-Renewing Licenses

On the Horizon

Addons & Starter Kits

  1. Migration tools from other CMS platforms

Statamic Core/Pro

  1. Hierarchial Taxonomies
  2. Group Fieldtype


  1. Hosted/Cloud Statamic 🌤

This roadmap is a courtesy and is subject to change at any time. Please don't use it to make promises to clients, project managers, or grandparents.