Statamic Roadmap

Features and enhancements we are working on and planning to work on in the future.

Statamic Core

In Progress: Statamic v5 (see our full project board)

  1. Laravel 11 compatibility
  2. Significant performance improvements
  3. Ability to manage multi-sites in the control panel
  4. Laravel Prompts support for CLI commands
  5. CLI commands to install/configure first-party packages (e.g. ssg, collaboration, eloquent-driver)
  6. Strategic breaking changes for a better core experience
  7. Offline license validation for secure environments

Next Planned

  1. Ability to swap out Glide with other image transformation drivers
  2. Passkeys
  3. Improved stache warmer
  4. Two-way relationships
  5. Support for trailing slashes in URLs

In Progress

  1. Brand/aesthetic update
  2. Redesigned Marketplace UI/UX
  3. Updated About page (we've grown!)
  4. Audience-specific landing pages
  5. Customer Sites Showcase
  6. Community News and Links

Next Planned

  1. Automatic license renewals
  2. Annual license model support for Addons & Starter Kits
  3. Community Meetups/Events page
  4. Self service Premium Support
  5. Full support for teams