Build, share, & sell all the Statamic things

Join the Statamic Marketplace and publish the next essential Addon or Starter Kit. Build a reputation, a revenue stream, and shape the future of Statamic.

The 3 Steps to Get Started

  1. Open up and name your shop (you can use your own name)
  2. Connect your Github & Stripe accounts
  3. Publish your Starter Kits and Addons by linking to Github (and Packagist for addons) and start earning (or giving away)

Sure, you also need to build something first, but who's counting?

How it works

Each product is linked to a Github repo and tagging a new release pushes the update to all your customers. It's that easy. Licensing and validation is built right into the platform so you never have to worry about.

Set your own prices, launch new products or editions whenever you want, track stats in your dashboard, stay in touch with your customers, and invite team members to help manage your products.

Who can join

The Marketplace is built on top of Stripe Connect, which handles all payouts and everything tax related. Stripe is currently available in 46 countries, but if yours isn't one of them, you can sign up to be notified when it is.

Sellers must be located in one of the countries supported by Stripe. We do not support other payout methods. Unfortunately this means that if you're located in India, Russia, Ukraine, China, or any other country not supported by Stripe, you cannot sell on the Marketplace yet.

What you earn

You make a 75% commission on all sales. The money is payed out to your Stripe account immediately at the time of purchase. The other 25% goes to cover transaction fees, taxes, and help support Statamic and the Marketplace.