Events and Meetups

Upcoming meetups, conferences, and other events in the Statamic community.

PHP Adeliade, Australia

August 1, 2024 – Adelaide, Australia

PHP Adelaide

Marty Friedel from Mity Digital will be giving a crash course talk on Statamic focused on Blueprints and Fields, and how they relate to templating and a model-type approach to content.

Laravel Live Denmark

Aug 22-23, 2024 Copenhagen, Denmark

Laracon Live Denmark

Joshua Blum will giving a Statamic-focused talk at Laravel Live this year in Denmark where more than 300 Laravel and PHP enthusiasts worldwide will gather for two days of talks, learning, and networking..

Laracon US 2024

Aug 27-28, 2024 – Dallas, TX

Laracon US 2024

We're at Laracon again this year! Come hang out & learn about the framework underneath Statamic. Oh and Jack will be speaking (mostly about design stuff though).

Laravel Meetup Online

TBD September, 2024 – Online

Laravel Meetup Online

Marty Friedel from Mity Digital will be giving a talk on building maintainable and extensible content managed websites in Statamic. Covering “page builders” and a block-based approach to authoring.