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The Statamic team has an unwavering commitment to creating the most rad CMS of all time.

Taylor Otwell, Creator, Laravel

Taylor Otwell Creator, Laravel

Statamic allows us to completely rethink how we create content for a modern newsroom. Previous products would have made this goal unthinkable.

André Basse, Managing Director, SPIEGEL Tech Lab

André Basse Managing Director, SPIEGEL Tech Lab

Statamic is the BEST CMS for Laravel! Its simple control panel and easy publishing make it great for any content site. Plus, everything you already know about Laravel transfers over to Statamic so you can develop new sites and quickly add custom features.

Eric Barnes, Owner, Laravel News

Eric Barnes Owner, Laravel News

Statamic is some of the best software I've used (and I use it every day). Now it's really hard to use these other WordPress sites I have...

Justin Jackson, Founder,

Justin Jackson Founder,

Overall, Statamic feels like a CMS of the future, whereas WordPress feels like a CMS of 10 years ago. I’m sold & can’t wait to use it for my other sites.

Paul Jarvis, Founder, Fathom Analytics

Paul Jarvis Founder, Fathom Analytics

Jack and his team are incredible, and you get to benefit both from the entire Laravel ecosystem, which is really, really good.

John O'Nolan, Founder/CEO, Ghost

John O'Nolan Founder/CEO, Ghost

These docs are the bomb! 😍

Adam Wathan, Creator of TailwindCSS

Adam Wathan Creator of TailwindCSS

Spent some time with Statamic 3 today. It’s. The. Business. After 20 years of working with content management systems (yep: old), its very rare to see something out of the box that works so well. Brilliant. From the UX, to the interface, to the developer experience.

Mark Boulton, Design Director

Mark Boulton Design Director

I’m a huge fan of Statamic.

Andy Clarke, Head of Creative, Stuff and Nonsense

Andy Clarke Head of Creative, Stuff and Nonsense

Switched my site over to Statamic. Took a lil time to get used to it from WordPress, but man do I prefer this system, its just so much easier to use and offers better options.

Paige Jones, British developer

Paige Jones British developer

I'm rebuilding @LaravelMagazine using Statamic and I'm just blown away... I'm totally sold. The overall developer experience is lit 🔥

Marian Pop, Developer/Writer at Laravel Magazine

Marian Pop Developer/Writer at Laravel Magazine

Installing Statamic was super easy. This flat-file thing has a fun factor to it.

Leslie Camacho, Business Coach

Leslie Camacho Business Coach

Statamic is such a clean CMS to work with. It's so good!

Lucy Sloss, Co-founder at Studio Mothership

Lucy Sloss Co-founder at Studio Mothership

Having worked with nearly every headless CMS, I can safely say that NONE have the same polish/intuitiveness as Statamic.

Matt Rothenberg, Nashville-based designer, developer, & serial tinkerer

Matt Rothenberg Nashville-based designer, developer, & serial tinkerer

I feel like I need to say this but... @statamic is hands down the best CMS and writing experience. It fits in so nicely along side any Laravel app it just makes it so easy to use. I switched my site to use it and it's been so awesome.

Yaz Jallad, Creator, Contest Kit

Yaz Jallad Creator, Contest Kit

I've used Wordpress, Drupal and all the other PHP based CMS solutions. Statamic is by far my favourite. It's not even close. They have a fantastic ecosystem, documentation, and it's very fast.

Jack Ellis, Co-Founder, Fathom Analytics

Jack Ellis Co-Founder, Fathom Analytics

It’s powerful. It’s flexible. It’s easy. It’s amazing.👌

Hans Pagel, Creator of Scrumpy

Hans Pagel Creator of Scrumpy

Why I choose Statamic:

⚡️ Fast, functional & beautiful (frontend & backend)
✏️ Start simple. Grow in complexity if you need it
⚙️ Hone the control panel to suit the project
📃 Docs that are up-to-date & practical
💾 Version control it all for backups, ongoing dev & push-to-deploy

Ben Edmonds, Owner, WeSort

Ben Edmonds Owner, WeSort

After years of using Another Popular CMS™, moving to Statamic has been pure joy. Developing with it is great but – and this is the best bit – the content editing experience for clients is amazing. It’s super easy to build a consistent and easy-to-understand interface. 🙌

Dave Smyth, Designer

Dave Smyth Designer

I was able to build my personal site in a matter of hours, whilst still being allowed to use Laravel and all of its power. Other CMS solutions just don’t provide this level of flexibility.

Luke Downing, Developer & Laravel Enthusiast

Luke Downing Developer & Laravel Enthusiast

Statamic has been a phenomenal CMS to work with. Content managers enjoy a top notch editing experience, while developers benefit from its powerful templating engine and the flexibility to build on top of Laravel. It’s the only CMS I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

Michael Aerni, Designer & Developer

Michael Aerni Designer & Developer

I searched for years to find the best CMS for my needs. That search stopped when I found Statamic." Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop, Owner, Cibgraphics

Chris Bishop Owner, Cibgraphics

Okay I'm pretty excited -- I finally "get" Statamic. I now know what all the hype and fuss is about. This software is absolutely killer 🤩 I originally went in comparing it to WordPress (and others), but I feel that was a wrong comparison, and that it’s almost in its own category completely. You kind of build your own perfect CMS

Steve Bauman, Builder of Web Stuff

Steve Bauman Builder of Web Stuff

Statamic is all kinds of awesome! It offers the flexibility to develop how you like, but brings powerful features to make building a great, easy-to-use site better than ever. It's the best thing to happen to the internet since animated gifs.

David Zumini, Owner, Designer, Developer at Foundry 503

David Zumini Owner, Designer, Developer at Foundry 503

"I wonder if Statamic will let me ____"

/checks docs/

"Yep. That was easy."

If you're disillusioned with your WP site & miss the feeling of being close to your code and to your writing, @jackmcdade and the folks at Statamic have done you a solid.

So glad I switched.

Brian Rhea, Host of the Bright & Early and Slow & Steady podcasts

Brian Rhea Host of the Bright & Early and Slow & Steady podcasts

Audited a WordPress site today. Pretty stoked that I'd be able to replace 20+ plugins with Statamic and a single addon. 🤓

Jeremy D. Hoover, Lead instigator at Compass Creative

Jeremy D. Hoover Lead instigator at Compass Creative

This is the best CMS I've ever experienced. Slick docs, support, community culture, and great UX.

Jay George, Freelance Web/UI Designer

Jay George Freelance Web/UI Designer

After the decision to not use Wordpress again and only accept #Laravel projects I was missing a stable CMS solution. Holy moly Sstatamic is the answer to all my wildest dreams!! After two projects I'm totally blown away by the features, I think I'm in love 😍

Simon vom Eyser, Web Dev

Simon vom Eyser Web Dev

Redid my personal site using a starter theme from Statamic. What a wonderful experience!!

Wilbur Powery E., PHP and Javascript Developer

Wilbur Powery E. PHP and Javascript Developer

Implemented Statamic‘s content API just within an hour to my existing business page. No more words to say 🤯😍

Ahoi Roman, German Laravel Developer

Ahoi Roman German Laravel Developer

Over the last few months I've been getting into Statamic. At first the mental transition was a little hard from my mainstay (Drupal), but with the launch of V3, I dove in, and I'm loving it.

Dustin LeBlanc, Co-Founder @UnrealistTech

Dustin LeBlanc Co-Founder @UnrealistTech

You ever come across something and wonder why more people aren't shouting about it from the rooftops? Recently, Statamic has been that thing for me. The more I work with it, the more excited I get. It's a remarkable product.

Chris Thronebury, Developer

Chris Thronebury Developer

Can’t believe it has taken me this long to try @statamic! It’s soooo good. Next up; convince marketing department to switch from Wordpress

Lasse Rafn, CTO at Rackbeat

Lasse Rafn CTO at Rackbeat

Who knew generating a static site with Statamic and deploying on firebase was so easy?

Osamu Morozumi, Developer

Osamu Morozumi Developer

My relationship with Statamic is how I imagine my relationship would be with Scarlett Johansen - full of love and satisfied sighs.

Gareth Thompson, Director at Code Potato

Gareth Thompson Director at Code Potato

With WordPress, there was a constant struggle when I needed something outside the box. With Statamic, I feel like I'm in control, and I have Laravel at my disposal for the most challenging problems. I switched to 100% Statamic projects and I couldn't be happier. 😍

Jason Baciulis, Certified Statamic Partner

Jason Baciulis Certified Statamic Partner