Statamic is loaded with all the features most sites ever need.

Here are just a few. For everything else, there's the Statamic Marketplace and Laravel ecosystem.

Content Authoring

Over 40 Unique Fieldtypes Screenshot

Over 40 Unique Fieldtypes

Always the right interface for the job, from block editors to toggle switchers.

Drag & Drop Nav Builder Screenshot

Drag & Drop Nav Builder

Build main navs, side navs, footer navs, and even (shh) secret navs.

Real-Time Collaboration Screenshot Pro

Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate with other authors effortlessly in real-time.

Revisions & Content History Screenshot Pro

Revisions & Content History

Save drafts, see your content history, and even restore previous revisions.

Inline Content Editing Screenshot

Inline Content Editing

Edit related content inline without ever leaving the page.

Live Preview Screenshot

Live Preview

See your content changes come to life without ever leaving the control panel.

Asset Manager Screenshot

Asset Manager

Upload, organize, and manage meta data on all your files.

Filter & Search Screenshot

Filter & Search

Finding your content should be easy. Save & reuse simple or advanced filters.

Customizable Columns Screenshot

Customizable Columns

See all the fields you care about while browsing your entries.

Block-Based Editor Screenshot

Block-Based Editor

Bard is a simple yet infinitely powerful block-based editor done right.

Globals Screenshot


Reuse content anywhere on the site with Globals.

Graceful Session Timeouts Screenshot

Graceful Session Timeouts

Never lose unsaved content again. After a timeout you can jump right back in again.

Fullscreen Mode Screenshot

Fullscreen Mode

Sometimes every pixel matters. Get immersed in your writing experience.

Focal Point Editor Screenshot

Focal Point Editor

Make sure the important part of your images never get cropped out.

Automated Version Control Screenshot Pro

Automated Version Control

Let Statamic handle automatically version controlling everything with git for you.

Video Embeds Screenshot

Video Embeds

Easily embed videos from YouTube or Video by just pasting their URL.

Keyboard Shortcuts Screenshot

Keyboard Shortcuts

Increase productivity with keyboard shortcuts for common tasks.

Translated Control Panel Screenshot

Translated Control Panel

Statamic is available in 7 different languages.

Multi-Site Screenshot Pro


Build sites that span multiple languages, domains, or sub-brands.

Site Management

User Management Screenshot Pro

User Management

Invite and manage users and their permissions with roles and groups.

Blueprints Screenshot


Organize fields to structure your content, forms, and other data types.

Forms Screenshot


Build flexible forms, view submissions, and get email notifications.

Pin Favorite Screens Screenshot

Pin Favorite Screens

Pin your most frequented areas of the control panel.

White Labelable Screenshot Pro

White Labelable

Customize the logo, visible name, and basic theme of the control panel.

Helpful Utilities Screenshot

Helpful Utilities

Take the pain out testing email settings, clearing caches, & viewing server info.

Business Mode Screenshot

Business Mode

Our brand can be a bit spicy. Tone it down for your necktie-wearing clients.

Developer Tools

Version Control Everything Screenshot

Version Control Everything

Version control your entire site — from content to configs — because Statamic is flat by nature.

Static Site Generator Screenshot

Static Site Generator

Generate and deploy static sites to Netlify, Vercel, or anywhere you want.

GraphQL Screenshot Pro


Go headless with GraphQL and do all the things the Jamstack way. Or your way.

Content API Screenshot Pro

Content API

Love working with REST APIs? We have a really good one of those.

Content Queries Screenshot

Content Queries

Query, create, modify, and delete content with Laravel Eloquent style Facades.

Command Line Tools Screenshot

Command Line Tools

Save time and avoid clicking. Clicking is inferior to typing.

Actually Helpful Errors Screenshot

Actually Helpful Errors

It's hard to beat error screens that suggest the exact fix for you.

Content Protection Screenshot

Content Protection

Protect pages, sections, or an entire site with the flip of a switch.

Powered by Laravel Screenshot

Powered by Laravel

Extend Statamic with Laravel. Enhance Laravel with Statamic. Maybe do both.

Resource Scaffolding Screenshot

Resource Scaffolding

Quickly generate views and blueprints while you model content.

OAuth Screenshot


Authenticate your users with Facebook, Twitter, Google, GitHub, and more.

Dynamic Image Manipulations Screenshot

Dynamic Image Manipulations

Crop, resize, adjust sharpness, contrast, and apply filters, all on the fly.

And that's just the beginning.

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