Statamic Branding

While Statamic is a playful brand with a distinctly rad attitude, we're a serious business too. With that in mind, our brand has variations to fit your needs.


A little bit of a legal heads up first.

Please do not use the Statamic name or logos in any way that could mistakenly imply any official connection with or endorsement of Statamic LLC. Any use of the Statamic name or logos in a manner that could cause customer confusion is not permitted.

This includes naming a product or service in a way that emphasizes the Statamic brand, like "Statamic Themes" or "Statamic Magic Microphones", as well as in domain names like "".

Instead, please use your own brand name in a way that clearly distinguishes it from Statamic. Examples that are permitted include "PowerKits for Statamic" or "RetroKingdom: Rad Templates for Statamic".

Additionally, please do not use our brand names or logos for t-shirts, stickers, or other merchandise without explicit written consent.

The Statamic Logo

Please do not edit, recolor, or wangjangle the Statamic logo. There are plenty of variations to work with.

Statamic Logo Marks

For when you don't need or have space for the word "Statamic".

Statamic Word Marks

For when you don't want or need the logo mark, just the word "Statamic".

Statamic Brand Colors

Aren't these rad? You can use any of these colors to represent Statamic things.

Hot Pink
Tasty Teal
Fresh Mint
YOLO Yellow
T-shirt White