Statamic Pricing

From solo bloggers to teams, clients, and larger organizations — here are your options.



For when you're building a website for yourself, a friend, or a hobby.

Install Statamic

Organize and publish content with all 40+ fieldtypes

Unlimited collections & taxonomies

Every frontend feature we have

One (super) admin user account & content form



Includes one year of updates. $65/year for updates thereafter.

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Everything in Solo, plus end-to-end team & publishing tools:

Unlimited user accounts & roles

Revisions, drafts, & content history

Multi-site, multilingual, & multi-user editing

Git integration right in the control panel

Basic developer support



For building site networks or running your own SaaS. 25 site minimum.

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Billing as a monthly pay-for-whats-running fee

Cost per-site goes down as volume goes up

Site API available for full-integration and automation

No renewal fees.

Building Lots of Sites?

Let us introduce you to the Master License — the secret to big savings.

The Master License


Includes 5 Statamic Pro licenses and 25% off all additional licenses for 1 year.

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In case that wasn't clear enough...

You get 5 Statamic Pro Licenses

and 25% off all additional Statamic Pro licenses for 1 year

(This is our volume license program)

(Semi) Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts for non-profits or educational institutions?

Yes we do. We are happy to offer verified non-profits, school, and universities a 20% discount on all first-party products (except the Master License), including annual renewals. You can email [email protected] to get the process started.

Can I build a site for a client and transfer the license to them later?

Absolutely. It's a common situation and we believe that website owners should also own their Statamic license. Just send us a support request and we'll take care of it.

What is Basic Developer Support?

From our developers to you or yours, we'll answer your "how do I" and "is it possible" type questions via email within 2-3 business days. For those in need of guaranteed response times or more in depth answers, we recommend a premium support plan.

Can I use Statamic Solo for client work?

While we did not intend for it to be used this way, we know it will happen anyway.

To put it on record, Solo is meant for developers to use on their own personal sites, a hobby/side project, a labor of love for a friend, and ultimately fall in love with Statamic. We don't recommend giving non-developers super admin access and, for even that reason alone, strongly encourage you to purchase Statamic Pro.

Can I upgrade to the Master License once I own 5 licenses?

Nope. The reason there's a discount is that you're buying in bulk. The first 5 licenses are 10% off, and all additional ones are 25% for year. That's a great deal.

How long are licenses from the Master License valid?

The activations of the initial batch of five you get with the purchase of the Master Licenses are delayed - either until the license is assigned to a site or, automatically, six months after the Master License was purchased, whichever comes first. If you buy any additional licenses with the 25% discount during the first year they get activated the day of their respective purchase.