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About Statamic

Our mission is to build the best self-hosted publishing platform for businesses of every size.


1.0 Initial Release


2.0 Rewrite on Laravel


Control Panel Redesign


Marketplace Launch


Coming Soon: 3.0

Statamic is seven years old.

Statamic was founded in April 2012 as an alternative CMS focused on development speed. With the core team's background in high volume agency ExpressionEngine and WordPress work, they set out to build a platform that would cut down on repetitive tasks and remove the pain involved in keeping in sync with a production database, without sacrificing the features they and their clients loved and relied upon.

Registered Statamic Developers

Today, Statamic powers a vast range of websites, from large teams of journalists in top news organizations, to individual bloggers and freelancers and their portfolio of client sites.

We're proud to be a small, focused team.

Bigger is not always better. A small team can stay focused and nimble when larger teams cannot. The Statamic team has stayed relatively small but has instead grown the developer community and the support around it to build an ecosystem that supports companies of every size.

The Marketplace serves to fulfill the needs of those that reach beyond the core product, while the Discord community and forums are vibrant, full of helpful people willing to lend a hand and teach others.

Our commercial software philosophy.

We believe that the commercial software model is the best way to fund product development. Free software needs to make money somewhere. By paying for a product directly, external funding decisions (like investors) are not a factor. The money spent funds development of the software, bringing new features and increased support capacity to the community. Simple.

Our “hit by a bus” plan.

We're often asked what our plan is if "you all get hit by a bus". It is fair to want to know what our long term plans are, and can they trust that Statamic won't disappear suddenly in the night?

If we're all hit by a bus (and it's not homicide, mind you), Statamic will be open sourced. If we – however unlikely – decide that our collective futures are no longer in line with Statamic's path, we will open source Statamic or find someone to take over who has the customers and community in their best interest.

You will not be abandoned. We are a profitable, sustainable business, thanks to people like you. We are not going anywhere.

...unless we're murdered in order to trigger the "Open Source Statamic" plan. In this case every site self-deletes and all left-over company profits are funneled into a trust dedicated to vengence at all costs so our children can sleep again at night. So don't get any ideas.