Field Item Relationship

Addon by eminos

Field Item Relationship Main Screenshot

Adds a Field Item Relationship fieldtype. Select a value from a source fields' items.

A Statamic plugin that adds a Field Item Relationship fieldtype.
With Field Item Relationship you can select a value from a source fields' items. That source field could be a sibling or ancestor field (in the same blueprint), or come from a Global set.


Install this plugin using composer.

composer require eminos/statamic-field-item-relationship


  • The source field could be a sibling or ancestor field, or come from a Global set.
  • Set which key/field should be used as the select option label.
  • Use string literal for advanced option label configuration (see screenshot #4)
  • Choose what you want to save as the selected item.
    • Key/Index
    • Specified object key
    • Full item/object
  • Comes with a Tag {{ fir }} to help you fetch the selected source field item.

Field configuration

The field configuration will depend on the source field data type.
Depending on if the source data is a simple array of strings, an array of objects or an individual object, different "Save as" options will be possible.

You will get a warning message in the field if the field configuration isn't compatible with the source field data.

Tag usage

This fetches the source value from the configured source field in field "field_item_relationship_field".

{{ fir:field_item_relationship_field }}

If the source value is an object you get its values like this.

{{ fir:field_item_relationship_field }}
    {{ text_field_1 }}
    {{ some_other_field }}
{{ /fir:field_item_relationship_field }}

Or by specifying the target field in the tag like this:

{{ fir:field_item_relationship_field:text_field_1 }}

Even nested fields work, like this:

{{ fir:field_item_relationship_field:some_field.child_field }}

You can also get Global fields:

{{ }}

An other way is to use the field and path parameters:

{{ fir field="global_set:field_item_relationship_field" path="some_field.child_field" }}


A few different examples. Screenshot of different source field types

A real life example with the source field being in a Global set. Screenshot of a field item relationship field using a Global set field as the source field

The field configuration options. Screenshot of the field configuration

Advanced option label configuration. Screenshot of field item relationship fields with advanced option label configurations

Possible improvements

  • Multiselect
  • More selection fieldtype options (in addition to the Select fieldtype)


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.