Inline Group

Addon by eminos

Inline Group Main Screenshot

An Inline Group fieldtype that allows you to group other fields. You can then control the group visibility with regular field conditions or an optional toggle.

As of Statamic v4.37.0 we now have a native Group Fieldtype. Since the two fieldtypes differ both visually and functionally let's keep this addon around but rename it to Inline Group to not conflict with the native Group Fieldtype.

A Statamic plugin that adds an Inline Group Fieldtype.
You can group other fields without affecting their scope and you can control those groups' visibility with regular Statamic field conditions. You can also optionally show a header and a toggle.

Screenshot of the Inline Group Fieldtype


Install this plugin using composer.

composer require eminos/statamic-group


  • Inline Group fieldtype that starts a new group wherever you put it in the blueprint or fieldset.
  • By default the group is not doing anything, but you can control its visibility with other fields and conditions.
  • You can choose to show a header (same design as the build-in Section fieldtype).
  • You can choose to show a toggle.
  • You can choose if that toggle controls the visibility of the groups' fields.
  • You can choose if you want the toggle state to be saved or not.

Here's a screenshot of the config options.

Screenshot of the Inline Group field config


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.