Create podcasts from your Statamic collections


Note: Podcast is slightly easier to use if you have the Field fieldtype installed.

Unzip and place the Podcast directory in your site/addons directory. Then run php please update:addons.

After that finishes, please run php please podcast:settings.


Access Podcast from either the 'Content' section of the CP nav or Configure › Addons › Podcast

A note on performance

Please note that in an effort to speed up the delivery of your podcast to the world, Podcast serves a static version of your XML (located at site/storage/addons/Podcast/PATH_TO_YOUR_PODCAST).

Because of this, Podcast will look to see if it needs to regenerate this static file every time you save to a collection, delete from a collection, or change the Podcast settings. As your podcast grows in episodes, expect these operations to take a bit longer than normal.

Don't worry, your thousands upon thousands (millions?) of listeners will appreciate your sacrifice :)