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Statamic Voted Best Flat File CMS (Again) and Best Static Site Generator

Statamic won CMS Critic People’s Choice Award for "Best Flat File CMS" for the third year in a row, and best Static Site Generator.
Jack McDade
Jack McDade March 1st, 2024

Today week, CMS Critic announced the winners of the 2023 CMS Critic People’s Choice Awards and Statamic won the award for “Best Flat File CMS” for the third year in a row, and picked up a new category – ”Best Static Site Generator”. Huzzah!

As this was the People’s Choice awards, I just want to say thank you to our, as they put it, “tenacious” community. We love you.

Statamic as CMS Critic People's Choice Award Winner 2023

If you’re interested, you can learn more about how Statamic works as a Static Site Generator.

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