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January Roundup

Jack McDade
Jack McDade February 17th, 2021

Here’s a look at some of the best Statamic stuff created by the community in January.


Jay George has been writing a whole “Setting up Statamic v3 on MacOS” blog series. Here are his January posts. It’s more blog posts than we usually write in a year. πŸ‘

Statameet is a recently announced Statamic meetup/mini-conference planned for September in northern Germany. If the pandemic situation is in a better place, the hope is for this to be an in-person event. Statameet is being organized by Jonas Siewertsen from Visuellverstehen.

New Addons

Aggregate Assets by Giovanni Buffa aggregates CSS and JavaScript files into a single file for better loading performance. This seems most useful for developers who don’t use a Mix, Webpack, or similar build system.

Stack by Joe Tannenbaum provides stack tags β€” similar to Blade stack directives β€”Β to Antlers templates.

HelpScout Beacon by Mike Martin makes it easy to provide support to your Statamic clients with HelpScout, right inside the Control Panel. A very clever idea.

Instagram User Feed by Pixney allows you to fetch an Instagram feed and stories without OAuth. This uses a scraping approach and is inherently at risk of not working at any given time if Instagram changes their markup, so I’d recommend only using it in non-critical uses. I’ve totally done this before and it’s so much easier than the OAuth approach that I think it’s worth the “risk”.

Twitter by Pixney displays your Twitter feed using the Twitter v1.1 API.

Thumbnails by Flame generates social media thumbnail images on the fly based on the title of an entry. How neat is that? I think it’s pretty neat.

UUID by Aryeh Raber auto-generates UUIDs for empty fields. This is useful if you need unique, persistent IDs for each row in a Replicator, for example.

Live Search by Jonas Siewertsen is a Laravel Livewire powered Live Search component. It’s a pretty stinkin’ rad way to skip Algolia entirely.

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