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Jesse Leite – The Newest Statamic Gentleman!

Jack McDade
Jack McDade August 23rd, 2018

As of today, I’m pleased to announce that Jesse Leite (pronounced 1337) is officially part of Team Statamic!

Jesse has recently become a father (for the fourth time!), and during his parental leave we started talking about a possible fit here at Statamic/Wilderborn. It was clear he had the skills and the desire, the rest was merely details.

Jesse is certified Laravel Elite , uses Vim, hails from London, Ontario, has a fantastic beard, and with literally no delay is already raising the bar for our TDD efforts in Statamic v3. He doesn’t play D&D, but given his HeroQuest™ hobby, all is forgiven.

Check out some Jesse-related links:

His official first full-time day is October 1st (my birthday, no big deal 😏), but he’ll be ramping up between now and then. Follow and congratulate him on Twitter, he’s one of us now!

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