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A Wild Joshua Appears!

Jack McDade
Jack McDade May 31st, 2022

I’m really excited to announce the newest member of our Statamic Team – Joshua Blum!

Joshua is a full stack developer from Cologne, Germany with lots of experience with our beloved SALT stack (Statamic, Alpine, Laravel, Tailwind). He’ll be jumping into customer support, building and improving our learning content, encouraging and empowering the community, and helping to grow Statamic awareness across the weird wide web.

With his help (and timezone) — we’re able to extend the hours we can provide support, which will go a long way in serving our rapidly-growing European community.

I’m really excited to have his help, ideas, contagious energy, and fluency of the German language on the team.

Check out some Joshua-related links:

Follow and congratulate him on Twitter or Discord – he’s here to help!

A new feed approaches!