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Jack McDade
Jack McDade February 26th, 2021

Laravel News just relaunched their site on Statamic 3 and it looks amazing and runs like greased lightning. It was re-designed by Zaengle, one our partner agencies.

Eric Barnes just posted a write-up on the site about why they chose Statamic as their new CMS. It’s a great, honest read. Check it out! Here’s a short excerpt in case you don’t feel like clicking.

With v3, you can install Statamic with any Laravel app, which meant I could keep a lot of the existing secondary code that runs Laravel News. These are things like the links section, the automated daily newsletter, the account management, etc. Knowing I could keep all that and gain a new control panel to write and publish posts was a big win.

Another advantage is Statamic allows you to mix and match with a database and flat files. We already had users in a table, but we had a weird mismatch with our old system where we had article authors in two systems, our user’s table, and a WordPress site. I was manually syncing those to keep authors matched, and it made allowing guest posting quite tricky.

The article dives into how they combine static caching with one line of Alpine.js to load fresh data without having to clear a thing. Very slick. Totally stealing this approach.

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