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Statamic 3 Open Beta

Jack McDade
Jack McDade December 16th, 2019

The Statamic 3 Open Beta has begun!

The GitHub repos are public, the docs are alive, and the feedback so far is outstanding. If you’ve been waiting to dive in, now’s the time!

The Links

A few other important pages and links

  • The upgrade guide has a comprehensive list of breaking changes and a list of steps to take when upgrading a v2 site (if you don’t use the migrator).
  • Statamic 3 principles is a page that gives you a high level approach of how we think about content management and how it affects our approach to features and workflow.
  • If you want to open issues, request features, or contribute please read the contribution guide first.
  • The Statamic Discord is a good place to chat with us and other beta testers. Use the #v3 channel.

Quick Start Guide

If you don’t even plan on reading the docs (you should though, please read them), here’s how to get started. First, install Statamic via composer in your command line.

composer create-project statamic/statamic my-site --prefer-dist --stability=dev

Then cd into that project and make your first user…

php please make:user

And then get busy reading the docs! 😁

The words at the bottom of the post

We hope you love Statamic 3 as much as us, and even more than v2. We’re ready and waiting for your feedback. And make sure to star the GitHub repos. Show us and the rest of the internet your excitement!

A new feed approaches!