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Statamic 3.2 Beta

Jack McDade
Jack McDade August 17th, 2021

Hey there! Just a moment ago we tagged Statamic 3.2-beta.1. We’re super happy with it but there’s a really awesome new feature we want you try before we release it all into the wild. Backwards compatibility and ease-of-updating is important to us and we don’t want to have to change the way it works right away if we missed an important aspect (or worse, broke something).

Nav Blueprints

3.2 adds the single most requested feature of all time – the ability to add extra fields on Navigations. A small thing you say? Sure, maybe in terms of UI, but it required a whole lot of planning and architecting and edge-case testing to build it properly.

Nav Blueprints

You see, a Nav can add items that are text only (like a section header), or a hyperlink to anywhere, or (here’s the big one) an entry relationship. If you pull in a reference to an entry, what happens if you add a field with the same name to the Nav Blueprint? There are so many ways that could be handled.

I’ll tell you exactly what it does. It will indicate that you’re overriding a field and will give you the option to keep it in “sync” with the entry, or to stomp over it locally with another value. At any time you can snap it back in sync.

It’s this feature we want you to try before we ship it. We want it to solve our problems as well as feel natural and intuitive, so we want to see if you can figure it all out without any documentation.

If you’ve been waiting for this, now’s your time to provide feedback. Don’t delay, there’s nothing else holding this release back except happy developers.

Share that feedback here: https://github.com/statamic/cms/issues

How to Install 3.2 Beta

Make the following changes to your composer.json file:

  • Set minimum-stability to "dev" or "beta"
  • Change "statamic/cms" to "3.2.*"
// composer.json

"minimum-stability": "beta",
"require": {
    "statamic/cms": "3.2.*",
    // all that other stuff...

Then run: composer update statamic/cms --with-all-dependencies.

The Rest of 3.2

In a few days or so we’ll slap the 3.2.0 tag on there and give you the full, glorious details on everything that’s included.

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