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Statamic addon extending the static cache with additional features such as disabling caching for authenticated users.


  • Need to serve different markup for anonymous and authenticated users and want to make sure that a page gets cached by anonymous users only? Disable the static cache for authenticated users, optionally restricted to user roles or groups. Or in other words, enable static caching for anonymous users only.
  • Only cache whitelisted query strings per path (when using static_caching_ignore_query_strings=false).


  1. Download the addon and rename the folder to SuperStaticCache
  2. Move the SuperStaticCache folder to site/addons


Super Static Cache offers the following settings:

  • Disable static caching for authenticated users Check to disable static caching for authenticated users
  • User roles Enter role slugs to disable the cache only for users having a role defined here
  • User groups Enter group slugs to disable the cache only for users belonging to a group defined here
  • Cookie name Cookie used to skip static file cache from the reverse proxy
  • Whitelisted query strings Restrict the static cache to only cache whitelisted query strings per path. The value of each query string is validated against a regex pattern.

Whitelisted query strings examples

  page: '[0-9]+'

Cache the page query string on the /products page, but only if it contains numbers.

  page: '[0-9]+'
  sort: '^(desc|asc)$'

Cache the page and sort query string of any page under /categories (using * as wildcard). Only create a cache file if page contains numbers and sort is equal to desc or asc.

Lastly, we need to adjust some configuration based on the active static caching type.

Full Measure

This strategy serves a cached file directly from the reverse proxy. Extend the configuration of the reverse proxy to skip the cache if the "skip cache" cookie is present.


Add the following rewrite condition in your .htaccess below the Static Caching Proxy section:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !^.*statamic_static_cache_skip.*$

Replace statamic_static_cache_skip with the name of your cookie.


🛠 If you know how to configure Nginx, please let me know or send a pull request. Thanks! :)


🛠️ If you know how to configure IIS, please let me know or send a pull request. Thanks! :)

Half Measure

No additional configuration necessary.

⚠️ Attention! There is currently an issue with this caching type that authenticated users receive cached pages. Reason is that the authenticated user is not yet available when the \Statamic\StaticCaching\Middleware\Retrieve middleware gets executed, returning a cached response. The addon fails to check if the current user is anonymous or authenticated at this point in the request lifecycle. This is not a problem if you use the Full Measure strategy. If you know how to solve this problem, please let me know!

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Released December 11, 2018
Updated 9 months ago
Version v1.1.1
Downloads 191
Requires Statamic 2

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