Become a Statamic Partner

Joining the Statamic Partner Network is a great way to find more Statamic leads, increase your exposure, and demonstrate verifiable credibility to help close those business-critical deals.

The Perks & Benefits

  • Direct leads and traffic coming from
  • A Partner profile on you can keep up to date yourself
  • More visibility within the Statamic Community
  • Receive a "Statamic Partner" badge for use on marketing material
  • Receive the "Partner" badge in Discord and access to the #partners channel
  • Your Statamic forum avatar will be decorated with the coveted piece of partner flair

Freelancer vs. Agency

Freelancers are individuals. They usually have a few specialities and capacity limited to 40 hours per week (if they're overworking themselves, which we hope isn't happening).

Agencies are teams that can handle more and larger projects, span a wider set of specialties, and increased responsibility.

We make the distinction to scale the cost, leads, and value appropriately.

The requirements & cost breakdown

Basic Freelancer
Certified Freelancer
Basic Agency
Certified Agency
Annual cost $120 $600 $480 $2,400
Minimum number of Statamic projects 1 3 3 5
Minimum number of code reviews 0 1 0 1
Minimum number of client references 0 1 0 2
Profile listed on
Enhanced/Featured profile No No
Eligible for direct, matchmaking leads No No

Want to apply?

Minimum Partner Requirements

If you read the table above you would know these, but we'll reiterate with detail.

  • Minimum of 3-5 shareable Statamic projects, depending on the tier.
  • Must have (or be) a full-time developer.
  • Must have 2 client references if applying for certified status.
  • Must have a registered business entitity (LLC or equivalent).
  • Must love Statamic. Otherwise, why are you doing this?

How to Apply

Complete the application below and pay the fee. We will review and respond to your application within 5 business days (often much, much faster).

If approved, you'll be able to complete your Partner Profile in your Statamic Account. If not, the fee will be refunded.

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