Statamic Platform Pricing

For building site networks, managing lots of client sites, or running your own SaaS using Statamic as the foundation.

Pricing Table

Each tier represents the cost of the sites inside that price range. For example, the first 100 sites are offered at $7 per-month, per-site, which totals $700 per month. The next 100 sites will cost $6 per month, per site, so a total of 200 sites would cost $1,300 per month, and so on.

Number of Sites Price (per-month, per-site)
First 25 $175.00 USD (Flat)
26 β€” 100 $7.00 USD
101 β€” 500 $6.00 USD
501 β€” 1,000 $5.00 USD
1,001 β€” 2,500 $4.00 USD
2,501 β€” 5,000 $3.00 USD
5,000+ $2.50 USD

What to know before signing up

Platform subscriptions use the Sites in your account for billing purposes. We recommend creating a new account for your Platform sites if you already have "regular" site licenses in your existing Statamic account.

Unlike regular licenses, Platform sites remain licensed only as long as you maintain an active subscription. If you cancel your subscription, your Platform sites will no longer be licensed and will show the corresponding warning messages asking for valid licenses. You can re-subscribe at any time to re-activate your Platform sites, or assign regular licenses to them instead.

You can automate the creation and deletion of your Sites with our Sites API, which will allow you to build fully automated tooling around launching and deleting sites.

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