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TL;DR —  Statamic is a modern, clean, and highly adaptable CMS built on Laravel that can run full-stack, headless, on flat files or databases, or as a static site generator.

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Statamic customers: Der SPIEGEL, SneakerDistrict, OpenTable, Transistor, Typewolf, Asana, FreshBooks, and more

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Powerful tools to create, manage, and publish content

Bard is Statamic's primary block content editor

Statamic’s block content editor is powerful, simple to use, and highly customizable.

Statamic navigations interface

Create Navigations to handle nav bars, side bars, footers, site maps, and other type of organized links.

Content revision history

View your content’s history, restore prior versions, work on drafts, & publish what you want, when you want.

See what your content looks like before publishing with Live Preview

Live Preview

Collaborate in real-time with multi-user editing

Avatars of people using multi user editing Multi User Editing

Stop worrying if someone else is editing the same article at the same time and start enjoying a collaborative authoring process. Each field automatically locks as a user begins to edit, and unlocks when they leave or go idle.

Create and edit related content without leaving your place.

Statamic's Live Preview mode in action

Take advantage of 42 different fieldtypes, each designed to effortlessly manage unique content

  • Array
  • Assets
  • Bard
  • Button Group
  • Checkboxes
  • Code
  • Collections
  • Color
  • Date
  • Entries
  • Float
  • Form
  • Grid
  • Hidden
  • HTML
  • Integer
  • Link
  • List
  • Markdown
  • Radio
  • Range
  • Replicator
  • Revealer
  • Section
  • Select
  • Sites
  • Slug
  • Structures
  • Table
  • Taggable
  • Taxonomies
  • Taxonomy Terms
  • Template
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Time
  • Toggle
  • User Groups
  • User Roles
  • Users
  • Video
  • YAML

Statamic is a transformer. It adapts to your needs, growing with you and your site.

Here are ways Statamic can adapt. We call them "Statamadaptations".

There’s no database until you need one.

It’s a front-to-back CMS until you need to go headless.

It’s dynamically powered by PHP & Laravel until you need to go static.

It’s full-stack until you go JAMstack.

Host it on any modern PHP server until you want to go serverless.

Use the control panel unless you don’t feel like it. Code editors are great too.

You can version control everything unless you don’t want to.

We’re obsessed with developer experience and efficiency.

From clear documentation, error messages, & code comments to workflows & tools designed for rapid development, you'll find we obsess over details.

Bring your own HTML and protect it with Blueprints

Multi User Editing

Don't shoehorn a beautiful design into rigid & frustrating themecuffs.

Statamic's clean and simple language (or Laravel Blade if you prefer) slides into your HTML like a long lost friend into your DMs. The markup is yours — keep it that way.

Blueprints & Fieldsets let you enforce your content schema.

Theres's a time and a place for one big block editor or WYSIWYG field. For all other times, take advantage of 40+ different fieldtypes available and craft the perfect authoring experience to support your bespoke design.


Extend Statamic with Laravel. Enhance Laravel with Statamic. Maybe do both.

Statamic is built as a highly extendable, standalone capable, Laravel CMS package. If you’re already a Laravel developer, you’ll feel right at home extending core features with Models, Service Providers, and Middleware. You can even drop it into existing Laravel applications to add a full CMS in seconds. But you do not need to know Laravel or PHP to use Statamic.

The control panel is built with Vue.js and can be customized with your own JavaScript or third-party addons. Fieldtypes and filters have access to data through Vuex. Build Widgets to power any dashboard you can imagine. Or just let it do its thing because it's already pretty great.

We're extremely proud and protective of our active & thriving community.

You can probably connect with them wherever you enjoy most.


Talk with Statamic developers in our live Discord chat.

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Ask questions, show code, and share knowledge.

Let's just get right to the heart of why you're here.

You're probably comparing Statamic to WordPress, right?

When it seems like everyone else is using WordPress, why use anything else?

If you’re looking to just plop a generic theme on the internet and replace placeholder text with your company name and phone number, then maybe you should just use WordPress.

But if you're looking to build and maintain a website that can adapt the way your business adapts, keep reading. We'll explain how Statamic saves you money, keeps you safer, and makes changes faster than any other CMS.

Let's talk about money first.

WordPress is free. Statamic isn't.

WordPress has hidden costs. Statamic doesn't.

With WordPress you'll probably need to buy a premium theme and hire a developer to customize it, who might tell you last minute that what you're trying to do isn't possible with the "page builder" you're using and you'll need to switch to another theme and start over.

You'll need to buy Jetpack for $99/year because after all, it's "essential". Add Advanced Custom Fields for $49/year, a backup solution for $200/year, a forms module for $349/year, a search plugin for $149/yr, and premium "managed" WordPress hosting, and before you know it you've committed to over $1,000/year just to keep the site online.

Not to mention having to keep track of updates, billing, and customer support with a half dozen (or more) different companies.

Statamic costs $275, one time.

After that it's just an optional $65/year whenever you want updates and access to direct support from the team who built it. In most cases you can run Statamic on a $5/mo Digital Ocean server, or deploy a static site to Vercel or Netlify for free.

By paying for software, your money goes directly towards supporting and improving it. When software is free, you are the product. We're not in the data business, and we keep as little of it as we can.

Oh, and all those features that don't come with WordPress? They're all included in Statamic core.

And then there's security.

96% of the websites hacked are running WordPress (source). It is the most targeted and vulnerable CMS on the market.

If you don't have a developer dedicated to keeping your site up to date, you are vulnerable. Emergency developer support to recover or restore your site can be expensive, on top of lost business from an exploited site or data leak.

3 reasons Statamic is more secure than WordPress

  1. Most website hacks are done through SQL Injection. Out of the box Statamic doesn't use a database, thus eliminating most forms of automated attack.
  2. Statamic's developer team maintains all of the fundamental features most websites need. You will not need 50 plugins by 50 authors of questionable quality to build your site. This is why WordPress is so vulnerable.
  3. Statamic is built on Laravel, widely regarded as the most secure and well-maintained PHP framework today. WordPress is new wine in an old wineskin (a legacy codebase from 2005).

Statamic's features are aligned to your business needs.

The Flat File Approach

Statamic stores all of your content, templates, assets, and settings in files instead of a database. You can see them, touch them, edit them in any editor of your choosing, and even email them to a colleague.

This allows us to version control your entire website. You can roll the site back to any point in time, work on alternate "branches" without affecting the site and merge changes back when they're ready.

Your site is always "backed up" and every change can be audited. Anything can be copy & pasted or shared between multiple sites. Developers are more productive when working with version controlled code, and their changes can be deployed to your live site instantly without taking it offline.

The Content Editing Experience

Time and time again we receive emails from customers, agencies, and developers alike sharing quotes from their clients. The common sentiment is they are overwhelmingly impressed with how easy and intuitive the content editing experience is.

Each Statamic site is fine-tuned and configured for the sites actual content. You are not stuck with one giant "What You See Is What You Get" field, nor are you decieved by the over-promises of "page builders".

Statamic is trusted by world-class newsrooms like Der Spiegel, international tech companies like OpenTable, and thousands of small businesses. You can explore a curated list of them, if you're interested.

Simplicity First, Complexity Later

We find it’s much more efficient to turn on the things you need, enable features you plan to use, and name things the way you want, than spend precious time clicking about the control panel disabling everything you may never end up needing. This allows developers to jump into new projects faster than ever.

When the need for complexity arrives — whether driven by traffic or business needs — Statamic will scale with you. Swap the flat file approach for a database, or cloud data provider, switch into Headless CMS mode and use React/Gatsby, JAMStack, power mobile applications, or any number of other tech approaches.

And if you need to build a full-scale custom application, Laravel is under the hood, ready and waiting.

Here are some more important facts and details.

Statamic is mature and stable. We've been here since 2012.

The Statamic developer community is strong. We have more than 25k customers and nearly 2,500 of them are chatting right now in our live Discord chat.

The Statamic Ecosystem contains hundreds of addons, from e-commerce and SEO to social media tools. For when you need them.

Our core team handles direct support for developers. We also offer SLA support for teams that need lightning fast answers to just about anything.

Statamic is a part of the greater Laravel Ecosystem, one of the largest and most inclusive tech communities, not to mention the most popular Open Source PHP framework today.

There's so much to learn, but if you decide to not take a journey...

And we're just scratching the surface. But before we go any deeper...

There's one thing you need to know.

Statamic isn’t a one-click, generic website cloning facility. We operate in the vivid & bespoke web full of original, radical thinkers, powering fresh & quickly adapting sites that pave the way into the unknown.

Our customers have a lot to say about their switch to Statamic.

Jack and his team are incredible, and you get to benefit both from the entire Laravel ecosystem, which is really, really good.

John O'Nolan, Founder/CEO, Ghost

John O'Nolan Founder/CEO, Ghost

Statamic is the BEST CMS for Laravel! Its simple control panel and easy publishing make it great for any content site. Plus, everything you already know about Laravel transfers over to Statamic so you can develop new sites and quickly add custom features.

Eric Barnes, Owner, Laravel News

Eric Barnes Owner, Laravel News

Switched my site over to Statamic. Took a lil time to get used to it from WordPress, but man do I prefer this system, its just so much easier to use and offers better options.

Paige Jones, British developer

Paige Jones British developer

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