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Sally Documentation

Arno Hoogma


Sally uses the excellent 'Faker PHP library' to help you fake whatever needs faking.


Sally provides you with a lot of very specific tags to fake things with, like {{ sally:name }} or {{ sally:email }}. Some of those tags have parameters, like {{ sally:paragraph nbSentences="3" }} or maybe even {{ sally:imageUrl width="800" height="600" category="cats" }}.

Array parameters are allowed with the following notation {{ sally:randomElement array="['a','b','c']" }}. DateTime objects are converted to Carbon instances for easy use in your Antler templates {{ sally:dateTimeThisMonth timezone="Europe/Amsterdam" }}

For a full list of of available tags, please see Faker's 'list of formatters' and 'language specific formatters'.


Sally automatically loads Statamic's current locale, but if you're looking for something a little more specific, just add a locale parameter:

{{ sally:firstName gender="female" locale="fr_FR" }} // Louise