Insta Feeds

Addon by Aniket Magadum

Insta Feeds Main Screenshot

Display Instagram Posts on your website with ease.

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This addon make's use of the Instagram Page Display API for fetching data via Instagram.


  • Provides you a tag which you use to render instagram posts in your template.
  • Refresh the access token via schedular so you always keep fetching the latest content.
  • Caching of the API response for faster rendering.

How to Install

You can search for this addon in the Tools > Addons section of the Statamic control panel and click install, or run the following command from your project root:

composer require aniket-magadum/insta-feeds

Remember! This is a paid addon so purchase a license before using it.

How to Use

Once the extension is installed we have to setup the INSTA_FEEDS_ACCESS_TOKEN and INSTA_FEEDS_CLIENT_SECRET in your .env file.


In order to generate these tokens you can visit this Get Started Guide for Instagram Basic Display API

On the same page you have to create a long lived access token as below


Once you click on generate token button it will ask your instagram details and once done you will receive this access token.



This addon requires the schedular to be running as it performs the following tasks to be run in the background.

  • Caching of instagram posts for faster retrieval.
  • Refreshing of the access token periodically so that we dont need to put in any manual efforts.

You can setup a schedular is not already running by Following the Laravel Documenation

As of now,

  • Posts are cached every hour.
  • Token is refreshed every month.

If you wish to customize these values please let me know. But believe me the defaults are the best.

Rendering the feeds

In order to render the feeds on the frontend we can make use of the {{ insta_feed }} tag . Here is an example snipped which you can use. We have also added a {{ nocache tag }} as it will prevent frontend caching of the page and make this template dynamic.

{{ nocache }} 
  {{ insta_feed limit="8"}}
    <div class="mx-auto" style="margin-top: 30px;border: 2px solid black;">
       <img src="{{ media_url }}" alt="{{ caption }}" style="height: 300px ;width: 300px;">
       <p class="text-center"> {{ caption ?? 'No Caption Needed' }}</p>
  {{ /insta_feed }}
{{ /nocache }}