WordPress Users

Addon by Arthur Perton

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Import your WordPress users into Statamic and allow them to use their original passwords to log in.

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WordPress Users - Statamic addon

This addon lets you import WordPress users so they can log in with their original passwords. You can use it with both Statamic v3 and v4.


  • Import your WordPress users into Statamic
  • Users can log in with their original passwords right away
  • Optionally map roles to Statamic roles and groups
  • Automatic password conversion on first login
  • The addon can be safely uninstalled after all users have logged in once


Using the WordPress Users addon for Statamic is easy. All steps can be done from the browser. You'll probably won't even need to read the instructions.


If you run into any issues you can report a bug on GitHub to help improve this addon. Please check if a similar issue already exists before reporting yours.


  • Statamic v3+
  • PHP 7.4+


WordPress Users is commercial software but has an open-source codebase. If you want to use it in production, you'll need to buy a license from the Statamic Marketplace.

WordPress Users is NOT free software.

Please support the developer and play fair. Feel free to try WordPress Users in your local development environment first to see if the import works out for you.


Developed by Arthur Perton