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Addon by Aryeh Raber

Captcha Main Screenshot

Protect your Statamic forms using a Captcha service.

This addon allows you to protect your Statamic forms from spam using Google reCAPTCHA and hCaptcha.

After the initial setup, all you need to do is add the {{ captcha }} tag inside your forms, easy peasy!


Install the addon via composer:

composer require aryehraber/statamic-captcha

Publish the config file:

 php please vendor:publish --tag=captcha-config

Alternately, you can manually setup the config file by creating captcha.php inside your project's config directory:


return [
    'service' => 'Recaptcha', // options: Recaptcha / Hcaptcha
    'sitekey' => env('CAPTCHA_SITEKEY', ''),
    'secret' => env('CAPTCHA_SECRET', ''),
    'forms' => [],
    'user_login' => false,
    'user_registration' => false,
    'error_message' => 'Captcha failed.',
    'disclaimer' => '',
    'invisible' => false,
    'hide_badge' => false,
    'enable_api_routes' => false,

Once the config file is in place, make sure to add your sitekey & secret from Recaptcha's Console or hCaptcha's Console and add the handles of the Statamic Forms you'd like to protect:


return [
    'service' => 'Recaptcha', // options: Recaptcha / Hcaptcha
    'sitekey' => 'YOUR_SITEKEY_HERE', // Or add to .env
    'secret' => 'YOUR_SECRET_HERE', // Or add to .env
    'forms' => ['contact', 'newsletter'],
    // ...


    <title>My Awesome Site</title>

    {{ captcha:head }}
    {{ form:contact }}

        <!-- Add your fields like normal -->

        {{ captcha }}

        {{ if error:captcha }}
          <p>{{ error:captcha }}</p>
        {{ /if }}

    {{ /form:contact }}

This will automatically render the Captcha element on the page. After the form is submitted, the addon will temporarily halt the form from saving while the Captcha service verifies that the request checks out. If all is good, the form will save as normal, otherwise an error will be added to the {{ errors }} object.

Invisible Captcha

Simply set invisible to true inside Captcha's config. To hide the sticky Recaptcha badge, make sure to also set hide_badge to true.

Note: using Invisible Captcha will require you to display links to the Captcha service's Terms underneath the form, to make this easier use {{ captcha:disclaimer }}. This message can be customised using the disclaimer option inside Captcha's config, however sensible defaults have been added that will automatically switch depending on the Captcha service you're using.

User Registration & Login

Captcha can also verify User Registration & User Login form requests, simply set user_registration / user_login to true inside Captcha's config and use the {{ captcha }} tag as normal inside Statamic's {{ user:register_form }} / {{ user:login_form }} tags.