Addon by Austen Cameron

Socialize Main Screenshot

Easily add and configure social sharing buttons for your site

🤩 Simple and configurable social sharing buttons for Statamic 🤩

Easily add and configure social sharing intent buttons to your ****Statamic**** site.

The following are supported (more coming soon!):

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Email


  • Statamic 3


Require the package with composer:

composer require austenc/socialize

How to Use

  • Add {{ socialize:css }} to the <head> tag of your layout to pull in the CSS
  • In the Statamic Control Panel, click on the Socialize option under Tools. Next, toggle the buttons you'd like to enable and change any default settings.
  • Use the {{ socialize }} tag where you want the buttons to appear

Changing the Layout

You can also use a "sticky" button layout on the top, right, bottom or left by passing in the layout parameter like so:

{{ socialize layout="top" }}
{{ socialize layout="right" }}
{{ socialize layout="bottom" }}
{{ socialize layout="left" }}



  • Initial version which adds support for Twitter, Facebook and Email share buttons


The following are planned features or user suggestions. All PRs will be considered, so feel free to open one!

  • [ ] Write tests to verify the button URLs are generated correctly
  • [ ] Can it cache settings in the stache instead of reading YAML file every time?
    • [ ] Is it as simple as using Laravel's caching stuff?
  • [ ] Add Behance support
  • [ ] Add Pinterest support
  • [ ] Sharing counts
  • [ ] Easier theme customization


Find a bug? Have a feature request? I'd be happy to help! Open an issue on github or reach out on twitter @austencam with suggestions!