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Statamic 2.1 is no longer supported! Check the separate 2.1 tag if you really want to try it.

Easy way to get state of the art icons for your website.

Favicon generator addon


  1. Copy Favicon into the site/addons folder.
  2. Get a API key at Real Favicon Generator
  3. Configure the settings of the Favicon addon


Name Description
API Key Your personal API key
Partial Name of the partial the HTML code will be stored in
Assets container Choose your container
Asset folder Folder where the images are stored, DO NOT use the root of the container


Do not set the Partial name to a already existing partial! It will be overwritten!

The asset folder will be deleted completely before saving the new icons, do not upload any other files into it!


Just choose your image and proceed.

You only need to add the partial (name can be changed in the settings) to your template

{{ partial:favicon }}


Do I have to upload my base image to statamic?

No, you can start the favicon generator without choosing a asset inside statamic. Just click the "Generate favicon" button and you can upload your image on Real Favicon Generator without storing it in Statamic

Can I edit the partial

You should not. At every favicon generation the partial will be overwritten with the new code!

Does it work with Amazon S3 asset containers?

Yes, it does.

Can I safely remove the addon after the icon is generated?

Yes, all the files are stored as Assets inside statamic. The HTML code is inside a partial.

You only need the addon if you plan to update your favicon.

Do I really need the API key?

Yes, Real Favicon Generator is a free service, the statamic integration requires a API key.

Get your API key