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Addon by Ben Furfie

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Behold! Easily unleash the power of Laravel Mix's version functionality within your Statamic site!

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Laravel Mix is awesome. However, one of its most powerful features is the version() API. Statamic Mix allows you to easily make use of this powerful feature within your Statamic site.

Out of the box, Laravel Mix generates a manifest.json file. However, that small file's true power comes into play when you make use of the version API within Mix. By adding mix.version() to your Mix config file, you can output cache busting version strings to your assets.

This plugin makes it super easy to output your theme assets (CSS/JS) with this cache string attached.


Download the file and drop the Mix folder in your site/addons folder. It will install automatically.


Assuming you're already making use of Statamic's awesome theme:css and theme:js tags, all you need to do to move over to using the Mix version() version (yeah, double names are confusing) is change theme to mix. I.e:

{{ theme:css }} would become {{ mix:css }}.

Additional Notes

As with the {{ theme:css }} and {{ theme:js }} tags, you can also choose to define a different name for your CSS and JS files. For example, I like using app.css and app.js in my projects. So all I have to do is add {{ mix:css src="app" }} to the name and it works.

You can also use the tag="output" option too to output the html! Super easy, right!?

Other things to consider

Aside from the fact that there are far nicer bourbons out there than Jack Daniels, it's worth noting that this plugin plays nicely ? I mean really nicely ? with Erin Dalzell's TailwindCSS addon. I strongly recommend looking at it as it's a really nice implementation of Mix with some additional sprinkles on top.


Version 1.1
? Fixed some issues with code standards.
?´┐ŻAdded to the download file.

Image credit: Photo by Marc Babin on Unsplash