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SEOtamic - SEO addon

Addon by CNJ digital

SEOtamic - SEO addon Main Screenshot

Welcome to SEOtamic, the simple yet feature-packed SEO addon for Statamic CMS.

Are you tired of struggling to get your clients website to rank higher in search results? Do you want an easy way to optimize your clients website's content and improve its search engine visibility? Look no further, because SEOtamic has got you covered.

Our addon is specifically designed for Statamic CMS and offers a range of powerful features to help you boost your website's SEO. With SEOtamic, you can easily manage your clients website's metadata and Open Graph tags for better social exposure.

  • manage meta descriptions for the whole website or page by page
  • add prepends and appends
  • preview urls as they would appear on search engines or social sites
  • set canonical URL's
  • add social images

We also keep the addon updated and offer a speedy bug support via Github.

So why wait? Get SEOtamic today and take control of your clients website's search engine visibility!

We are CNJ digital, digital product agency, helping our clients create next-gen websites and mobile applications. More about as at https://