Google Merchant Feed Documentation



Run the following the pull in the package with composer:

composer require codedge/statamic-google-merchant

Basic configuration


The configuration can be done in the config/google-merchant.php file.

'currency' => [
    'symbol' => '€',
    'iso_code' => 'EUR',


You can add a widget to your dashboard by adding google_merchant to your config/statamic/cp.php file.

'widgets' => [
        'type' => 'google_merchant',
        'width' => '50',
    // other widgets

Selecting collections, file output path

In your Statamic Control Panel (CP) in the left sidebar you will find a link to Google Merchant settings. Here you can set up in which collections your products reside, which file name or file path you want to output the feed to.

File output

The generated field file is saved on the public disk. So make sure you actually have one. If you want to put it in a subdirectory, just enter it in the Control Panel like feeds/gmf.xml.


The handle of the collection specified should actually exist. Currently, there is no validation if the collection entered
Also make sure that every collection has all the fields that are required to build the field.

Fields (global)

For each field in the feed you can configure either a fixed value or another field, where you already have the field value in.

  • Static value for a field: My static value
  • Reference the title field for the product name: {{ title }}

Whenever you entered a value enclosed in curly brackets {{ }}, the value is considered being a field.

Fields per products

You can also add the fieldset that is shipped with the package to configure every field for every product on its own. Just add the fieldset to your blueprint, and you are good to go.