Simple Commerce - Digital Products

Addon by Duncan McClean

Simple Commerce - Digital Products Main Screenshot

Sell Digital Products with Simple Commerce

Note: This addon has been abandoned by its developer. It is unlikely to receive further updates.

This addon has been merged into the core Simple Commerce addon. Please review the v5.x to v6.x update guide for more information.

The Digital Products addon is a first-party extension of Simple Commerce which enables you to sell digital products to your customers.

Simply link up a Statamic asset, then after your customer has checked out, they'll be able to download your product.

Read the docs.


  • Easily link up Assets for your customers to download
  • Full history of downloads
  • Generates License Keys (with an API for you to verify them)
  • Works with Product Variants


If you find a bug, have some question or have a feature request, please open a GitHub Issue or Discussion.

Please note: only the latest version of this addon is supported. Any bug reports regarding an old version will be closed.