Addon by eminos

Tabs Main Screenshot

Adds a Tab Fieldtype. Tabs everywhere!

A Statamic plugin to add a Tab Fieldtype. Add tabs anywhere you have other fields!

Screenshot of Tabs


Install this plugin using composer.

composer require eminos/statamic-tabs


  • Add Tabs anywhere you need them. Entry, side panel, Replicator set, Bard set, Global set, etc...
  • Doesn't touch your other field data, ie. the data is not scoped.
  • Conditionally show/hide a tab. You add the conditions just as with any other field.
  • Optionally add an icon to the tab.
  • You can search and pick an Iconify icon (over 150 000 icons!) if you have the Iconify Addon installed.


You just add a Tab field wherever you want to start a new tab.

All the fields that comes after it (and that are not an other tab field) will end up in that tab.

Screenshot of the blueprint editing with added tabs

Possible improvements

  • Show if there are validation errors on a field inside a tab
  • Nested tabs?!
  • Improve accessibility, keyboard navigation etc.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.