Addon by Giovanni Buffa

Metatags Main Screenshot

This is an add-on for Statamic 3. It gives the ability to manage and customize almost every created meta tags!

Meta Tags index Default values

Supperted Meta tags

  • Classic meta tags, mainly used by search engines
  • Site verification
  • Dublin core
  • Google +
  • Google CSE
  • Open Graph
  • Facebook App
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • App links
  • Mobile and UI related
  • Apple proprietary
  • Android proprietary
  • Favicons

If you think that some meta tags are missing, open a PR!


If you are on Statamic < 3.3 use the latest release of v1 branch:

composer require gioppy/statamic-metatags "^1.0.4"

If you are on Statamic >= 3.3 use v2 branch:

composer require gioppy/statamic-metatags

How to use

All meta tags are managed through fieldsets: once the necessary categories are activated, the metatags.yaml fieldset is created or updated.

You can insert meta tags directly into a blueprint by selecting the metatags fieldset. It is not necessary to set a prefix for the fieldset.


In your template, remove the title tag in layout.antlers.html and replace it with {{ metatags }}.


The add-on was inspired by the excelent Metatag Drupal module.