Collapse Fieldtype

Addon by Adrian Goldner

Collapse Fieldtype Main Screenshot

A shiny little fieldtype to hide 'n' show any fields of your liking.

A Collapse-Fieldtype for Statamic to beautifully hide and show your fields.

Simple as that. Just tuck all the fields that take up too much space or you don't want to confuse your clients with et voilá: A beautiful little collapse-content section wherever you want that hides bloated fields.


composer require goldnead/statamic-collapse-fieldtype

That's it. No vendors-assets needing attention or config files waiting to be configured. Just a plain ol' Fieldtype, nuthin' more.


Behind the scenes this fieldtype kind of works like a grid or replicator fieldtype. Just without the repetition. Even conditions work! Just use it in your fieldsets or blueprints like this:

title: 'Content Theme'
    handle: collapse
          handle: toggle_field
            default: false
            display: 'Test conditional fields!'
            type: toggle
            icon: toggle
            width: 50
            listable: hidden
          handle: advanced_settings
            display: 'Advanced Settings'
            type: section
            icon: section
            listable: hidden
              toggle_field: 'equals true'
          handle: section_width
              sm: SM
              md: MD
              lg: LG
              custom: Custom
            default: md
            display: 'Section Width'
            type: button_group
            icon: button_group
            width: 75
            listable: hidden
          handle: custom_width
            default: '450'
            display: 'Custom Width'
            type: integer
            icon: integer
            width: 25
            listable: hidden
              section_width: 'equals custom'
      display: 'Collapse This!'
      type: collapse
      icon: asection
      listable: hidden
      instructions: "When you click here, something great will happen."

Easy-peasy, right? You can also just use it in the blueprint editor.


Like in the grid fieldset all values are scoped within that field. So to acces the variable section_width from the example above we need to write something like this in our templates:

<section width="{{ collapse:section_width }}>...</section>


  • Enthusiastically added dark mode support to be used with radnight. Need to figure out how to use dark-mode only when that kind of addon is being used. Otherwise it will be displayed in dark when everything else stays liht, yuck!