Redirects Docs

Manage URL redirects intuitively, discover and fix 404's automagically, improve your SEO dramatically


  1. Download the Addon, extract the folder and rename it to Redirects
  2. Move the Redirects folder to site/addons

How it works

Redirects from this module are kept separate from Statamic's redirects configured in the routes.yaml file. They are only checked and possibly executed if a 404 response is created by Statamic. The module differentiates two types of redirects:

  • Manual Redirects are managed by authorized users in the control panel.
  • Auto Redirects are created by the module to redirect old URLs of content (pages, entries, or terms).


  • Enable auto redirects Whether to enable auto redirects.
  • Log 404s Whether to log 404 requests.
  • Log redirects Whether to log any executed manual or auto redirects.
  • Access to manage redirects Enter role slugs to restrict access to view and manage redirects to certain roles. If empty, all roles are able to view and manage.

Manual Redirects

A manual redirect consist of the following options:

  • From URL The relative source URL for the redirect, e.g. /source.
  • Target The target is either a static URL or the ID of any content (which resolves to the content's URL).
  • Status Code 301 Moved permanently or 302 Moved temporary.
  • Retain Query Strings Whether to append query strings from the source URL to the target URL.
  • Locale Only execute the redirect depending on a locale.
  • Timed Activation Only execute the redirect in a given date range. Only specifying a start date delays the activation of the redirect after the given date. Only specifying an end date activates the redirect until the given date. If both dates are specified, a temporary status code 302 gets applied automatically.

Route Parameters

It is possible to redirect multiple URLs by using route parameters in the source and target URLs.

  • A source URL /news/{year}/{slug} and target URL /blog/{year}/{slug} redirects the URL /news/2019/statamic-rocks to /blog/2019/statamic-rocks. Make use of this feature to prevent 404s if you update the route of a collection.
  • Each parameter captures exactly one URL segment. For example, the source URL /news/{category}/{slug} does not match the URL /news/cms because of the missing slug URL segment. The module offers a special wildcard parameter {any} to match any number of URL segments. For example, the source URL /news/{any} will match and redirect /news/any/following/url/segment to the configured target.

Note that the order of redirects matter if you use parameters, as multiple route definitions might match the request. You can reorder manual redirects in the control panel. The addon processes the redirects in the same order.

Auto Redirects

The module listens to various events to detect changed URLs of content and to redirect ols URLs to the new ones.

  • Updated URLs when changing slugs.
  • Updated URLs due to moving pages in the page tree.

In case of pages, the module recursively creates redirects for children.

Auto redirects are viewable and deletable in the control panel, but they cannot be edited via user interface.

404 Monitor

The 404 monitor shows logged 404 requests with the possibility to quickly create missing redirects.

The action dropdown offers a "Create Redirect" option to quickly fix a 404.


The module offers an API to manipulate redirects and logs programmatically.

// Returns an instance of \Statamic\Addons\Redirects\ManualRedirectsManager

// Returns an instance of \Statamic\Addons\Redirects\AutoRedirectsManager

// Returns an instance of \Statamic\Addons\Redirects\RedirectsLogger

The above services are also registered in Laravel's service container, allowing you to resolve them from the container or to use automatic dependency injection.

Redirects Storage

Redirects and logs are stored as YAML files in the /site/storage/addons/redirects directory. Feel free to modify or add any redirects directly in the YAML files if you do not use the control panel.


  to: '/target'
  status_code: 301
  locale: null
  retain_query_strings: true
  start_date: '2019-01-01 00:00:00'
  end_date: null

For redirects to Statamic content, use the content's ID as target:

  to: '3cd2d431-699c-417c-8d57-9183cd17a6fc'


  to: '/and-i-have-just-finished-my-milk'
  content_id: 39f64fc4-9598-433a-9adc-3019fcbde7d9