This addon combines Statamic's powerful content editor experience with Shopify's simplicity of managing an online shop! Display product catalogs and product pages in Statamic, let content editors choose products from Shopify and enhance them with data from the CMS, completely style products in Antlers and much more!

How does it work?

The addon wraps a Shopify library (ohmybrew/basic-shopify-api) to communicate with the Shopify API. Product and product variants can be fetched directly via various Antlers tags. Content editors can choose products and Shopify collections via suggest modes. Mix a product teaser with other content from a Bard field? No problemo!

What about a shopping cart or checkout?

Both are possible. The addon includes a simple session-based cart API which can be enabled in the settings. You can then create Shopify checkouts based on products in the cart. Please check out the docs for more information.