Form Guard

Addon by hairyLemon

Form Guard Main Screenshot

Prevent spam in your contact form submissions by preventing URLs and email addresses in your form fields.

Form Guard helps combat spam in contact form submissions by seamlessly preventing URLs and email addresses in selected fields.

With Form Guard, you can experience up to a 90% reduction in contact form spam. No more sifting through irrelevant messages or dealing with unsolicited content for you or your clients.

Form Guard is best used in conjunction with Google reCAPTCHA and is good at preventing spam submissions that get through Google reCAPTCHA.


  1. Install the addon with composer require hairylemon-developers/form-guard
  2. Add the form_guard validator to fields you want to protect in your form Blueprint under Validation -> Rules


If you are not seeing error messages then make sure that you are using the {{ error }} tag inside the {{ fields }} tag of your form so that the validator can output error messages when the form_guard validation fails.

// form fields example
{{ fields }}
    <div class="py-2">
        <label>{{ display }}</label>
        <div class="py-1">{{ field }}</div>
        {{ if error }}
            <p class="text-red-400">{{ error }}</p> // validation message will show here
        {{ /if }}
{{ /fields }}