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Lazy Logo

Addon by Jack Sleight

Lazy Logo Main Screenshot

Updating from 0.2.1? Check the 0.3.0 update instructions.

This Statamic addon automatically generates a control panel logo image based on the application name. Useful if you need a quick way to see which site you're editing at a glance. You can also configure the text and styles, allowing you to use different values in different environments for example.

Important: This addon uses Statamic's white labeling feature, which is Pro only. Therefore this addon will only work with the Pro edition.


Install the addon using Composer:

composer require jacksleight/statamic-lazy-logo

Set the custom_logo_url in config/statamic/cp.php to /!/lazy-logo.svg:

'custom_logo_url' => env('STATAMIC_CUSTOM_LOGO_URL', '/!/lazy-logo.svg'),

That's it!


By default the text will be the APP_NAME environment variable, and it'll be styled to match the CP text. If you want to customise it you can publish and edit the config:

php please vendor:publish --tag=statamic-lazy-logo-config

Then open config/statamic/lazy-logo.php and make your changes.